If you’re a fan of shows about high-end real estate, then you’ve probably seen the disappearing glass walls that the 1% use to enjoy their beach-front views in Malibu or their endless views from their mountain-top mansions. How great would it be to replicate that kind of luxury look in your own home? 

Window Authority of Houston has glass wall systems that aren’t just for the rich and famous. Our more-affordable options can make a small space feel larger by bringing the outdoors in and flooding the room with natural light. We get a lot of questions about our Houston glass wall systems, so we’ve answered a few of them below. 

Are They Practical?

Yes! The systems seal tight, so rain isn’t a problem. They can be locked for security. They are easy to operate. They are energy efficient. All of the most commons concerns about the practicality of our wall systems aren’t really concerns at all. 

Are They Affordable?

Our Houston glass wall systems are more cost-effective than you might think! The price varies based on many factors including the size of the wall system. We offer eight different types of glass wall systems made from you choice of four materials. With so many choices, we have options to suit many budgets. 

Are They Energy Efficient?

Yes! Energy-efficient glass and air-tight construction mean that you can set aside your fears of through-the-roof energy bills as a result of a glass wall. For our glass wall company, Texas-made windows are used to construct the wall. The glass we use is made with Houston’s climate in mind, so you can expect impressive energy efficiency. 

Are They Just for Modern-Style Homes?

Not at all! While many are first introduced to the idea of glass walls on the concrete homes that are so popular on the West Coast, this features looks just as at home on mountain cabin as it does on an ultra-modern beachfront home. Because they are custom made, you don’t even necessarily need a very large home in order to enjoy the stunning style a glass wall can bring. 

Whether you want to enjoy your lovely views or introduce abundant natural light, a wall system is a beautiful way to add curb appeal, interior charm, and value to your home.

We understand that the thought of a wall system in a typical family home may be a new idea, but Window of Authority of Houston is willing to sit down with you to discuss the possibilities and provide an accurate price quote. This free, no-obligation design consultation and estimate will help you decide if a glass wall system is right for you before you make any commitment. Give us a call, or fill out our online form to get started!