Warmer weather and longer days mean that homeowners will be more likely to pull open their curtains and take in the views when spring starts. Of course, you might also notice that the windows haven't made it through winter unscathed. At The Window Authority of Houston, we find a little spring window maintenance goes a long way in protecting and preserving your home. It doesn't take much either, just a thorough eye, some cleaning, and a few minor repairs.

General Spring Window Maintenance

Spring is an excellent time to clean your windows, both inside and outside. If you don't have double-hung windows, it can be more time-consuming and awkward to clean the exterior glass, especially in cool weather! However, taking the time to do so is worth it for bright, clear views and plenty of sunlight in the home. Getting a large soft sponge and a simple squeegee make the work a lot easier and reduce those unsightly streaks when the glass is dry.

You'll also want to go around inspecting all of your home's windows on a nice, sunny day for signs of damage that occurred during winter. This can include

  Cracks around the frame and moulding

  Softwood or cracked wood from water leaks

  Worn out seals and gaskets on the moving components

When caught early enough, most of these issues are easy fixes. You may be able to replace worn gaskets and weather stripping without help. Some homeowners are also able to remove and replace decorative framing around the windows with a little research. When you have areas with more moderate damage, The Window Authority of Houston can even help you with repairs.

More Severe Damage Requires Spring Window Replacement

However, some windows just cannot be repaired to an acceptable level for your home's energy efficiency, security, and aesthetics. In the case of more severe window damage, consider scheduling a spring window replacement with our efficient installers. We'll arrange a free, at-home consultation with one of our experts to inspect your windows and determine which ones need repairing or replacing. The installers can also help you pick out the ideal look from our wide selection of styles and window types.

You'll even be able to choose from energy efficient windows with modern technology that helps keep your home comfortable during summer and winter! You can get started with your FREE consultation and price estimate for Spring window replacement right away. Just give one of the friendly representatives at The Window Authority of Houston phone call or fill out our online quote form!