Whether you’re looking at options for a new build, or to replace the worn-out windows of your home in Houston, custom windows are one of the main options homeowners have. Some people opt to use premade window packages in an effort to cut costs, but is this really the right course of action? We asked our field advisors whether custom window installation is the right choice, and in most cases, it is.

Here’s why:

1.  Custom Window Installation Gives Your Home a Showpiece Quality

Most homes have a set of standard window builds — nothing special or unique. However, by choosing custom window installation, your windows can be more than just a means to an end. You’ll be able to select your desired glass, frames, and panes in a range of colors, shades, and materials … ones that perfectly compliment your home’s existing aesthetic. When it comes to enhancing the curb appeal of your home in Houston, custom windows really can do the trick.

2.  Energy Costs are on the Rise in Houston — Custom Windows Can Help with That!

Unless you never run your heater or air conditioner, you’ve probably noticed that your energy bills are getting higher than you’d like. For homeowners in Houston, custom windows can help keep energy costs down by forming a perfectly tight seal between your window and wall.

You just can’t achieve the same seal without custom measuring and fitting. A professional window installer will make sure your new build is vacuum-sealed to keep temperature-controlled air inside where it belongs.

3.  Custom Windows Allow You to Experiment … Without Damaging Your Home

Replacing standard casement windows is one thing, but if you’re hoping to expand your window (say, into a luxurious bay or bow window) … you’re going to have to call in the big guns. Custom window installation contractors ensure your new window sits perfectly, and that any expansion won’t cut into the structural integrity of your home.  And they can do it in less time, with less mess, and fewer mistakes.

When you’re ready to learn more about your options for custom windows, call the experts at Window Authority of Houston! Custom windows are our specialty, and we can help you design an installation that enhances your home’s existing style without breaking your budget. Fill in an online form, or call our customer service experts, to book your free in-home consultation!