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Unless your door is coming off the hinges or unsightly to the point of nausea, then you might wonder if it’s time for a replacement door. Sometimes getting a new entry door is just a matter of added curb-appeal or giving your home a personal touch of style, however, other times it’s a matter of necessity. That is especially true if you notice any of the following:

Your Door is Dysfunctional

If you have to throw your weight around or exert an unusual amount of force to open and shut your door, then it might be time to get a new one. Old doors can become swollen and warped, causing them to fail entirely or at the very least become very difficult to use. Replacing dysfunctional doors is important, not just because they are a pain to use, but because they are not always as secure as they should be—and they are definitely not energy-efficient.

Your Door’s Rustic Style is Too Realistic

Sometimes the weathered look works, and many of us go for that kind of rustic style on purpose. However, if your door is actually rusted, dented, chipped, or generally worn down, then it’s best to replace it instead of trying to convince yourself or others that your door is trendy! All joking aside, a seriously damaged door is easier to break into, doesn’t always close properly, and again, will not be so efficient.

You Notice a Nice Breeze...When the Door is Shut

Do you have to place towels or rolled up blankets under your door to prevent drafts? Do you notice moisture between the glass panes of your storm door? Is your door cool or warm to the touch on winter or summer days? These are all signs of a very inefficient door, and this means your energy bills are probably higher than they need to be.

Your Door Displeases You

This might not be a real emergency, however, if your door is just plain ugly and you have a few dollars to spend on a quick home improvement project, then why not get a new door? There are tons of door styles out there for creating a unique look that compliments your home, provides the safety you need, and offers the energy-savings your wallet and the environment will appreciate.

Do you need a replacement door? We can help!

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