When your house windows are worn out, cracked, and peeling, replacing them is often the best solution. At The Window Authority of Houston, we have high quality, energy efficient products in a wide selection of styles and shapes. Our installers can give you exactly what you want, but ultimately it is up to you to make the final decision when it comes to window replacement in your Houston home.

For many homeowners, this can be the most difficult part. With custom window designs and manufacturing, there are almost too many options from which to choose! To make the process easier, we have put together a few simple steps for picking out the right replacement windows for your home.

Decide on a Purpose for Your Windows

All windows have a unique purpose and appearance that impacts the way your home looks and functions. When you want replacement windows, take a few moments to think about the purpose these products are going to serve. For example, you may want to install an exact copy of your old windows, but one that uses energy efficient materials to make the room more comfortable. Windows are also important for bringing light and air into a space, increasing ventilation inside a room, and giving you a way to see what is going on outside. Once you decide what function you desire the most, use this information to pick out the best window style to fill it.

Pick a Window Shape & Type

The shape and style of your windows is the next major decision to consider. There are many kinds of replacement windows available for your home. These products can serve many functions, from picture windows increasing light in a dark room to garden windows providing a place to grow potted plants. Here are a few common window types and their best functions:

  • Awning Windows: A bottom opening window that offers a little extra ventilation. The top hinge also means you can keep these windows open during rainy weather.
  • Bay & Bow Windows: A pop out window that brings in light on three or more sides. Adds visual interest and increased square footage.
  • Hopper Windows: Small windows that bring in light and maximize ventilation. Provides space-saving tilting function.
  • Picture Windows: Large non-operating windows that bring in a lot of sunlight and offer great views.
  • Slider Windows: A space saving, sliding window that is also easy to operate. Put in small rooms or tight spaces.
  • Casement Windows: Easy to use side opening window with a hand crack or handle. Great for difficult to reach spots.

A new window installation is also the ideal time to alter the window opening to a different shape or size. Making the window taller can help bring in more midday sunlight, while widening the window brings in more general light and increases the view. You can also adjust position to make the room more symmetrical or eliminate an awkward placement.

Architectural Design

Many other features are also incorporated into windows that can influence the architectural design of your home. The frame style and color, window grilles, sidelights and door lites, and even stained-glass elements all give your house windows a characteristic appearance. Think about the rest of the home interior and exterior design when picking out these features to help your windows blend in better.

If you are having trouble with the window installation process, give us a call to request a free home consultation. We'll have an expert go over our brands and styles with you and offer a free price estimate for installation. You can also request a free quote for any service from The Window Authority of Houston by filling out our online contact form.