For property owners who are looking for a modern home upgrade, moving glass wall systems are one of the most elegant projects you can invest in. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of renovation project, think floor-to-ceiling glass wall windows in various areas of your home. In other words, contractors will remove a section of your home’s wall and replace it with a large glass window panel that can be slid open.

In some cases, the entire wall is removed and converted to glass. If this project sounds ambitious, you’re right! The resulting space is extraordinarily bright and airy. Not only will your home be filled with more sunlight, but you’ll be able to view landscapes from the comfort of the indoors.

Homeowners have their pick of these renovation systems, each with their own unique benefits. No matter which style you choose, you can be sure you’ll add significant customizability and beauty to your space.

Sliding Doors

As the name suggests, this type of moving glass wall systems serves as an alternative to traditional doors by sliding open and closed. Benefits of sliding doors include the fact that you can choose to slide the panels to either side of your home, adding versatility to your space typical doors don’t.

Folding Doors

Folding doors are hinged glass panels that you can “fold” open in a number of combinations. You can choose whether to fold open one panel on each side or multiple at a time. This freedom of style lets you choose how wide (or narrow) you want the entrance way to be at any given time.

Horizontal Sliding Walls

One of the top advantages of horizontal sliding walls is their ease of use. Simple open the wall panels you want to put away and slide them into your designated stacking area. The panels follow a smooth track where they can be gently pushed against one another, lying flat against one another. This efficient design helps them use minimal space when stored.

Lift and Slide Doors

Homeowners that want the option of having easy-to-open doors without unnecessary frills. This style offers a barrier-free access that instantly transforms a room from a smaller space to an open, breezy area that can be enjoyed effortlessly.

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