A Moving Glass Wall System on a Houston home from the exterior

You may have seen moving glass wall systems on HGTV shows about luxurious properties. That same beauty and impressive style is available for your Houston home—and there are many reasons this update can be a smart choice.

The Window Authority of Houston installs quality glass walls that allow you to bring the outdoors in, make the most of your beautiful views, and flood your home with natural light.

Isn’t a Moving Wall Just a Pricier Sliding Glass Door?

While sliding glass doors and moving glass walls seem similar, they actually have more differences than the features they have in common. Some may view a sliding glass door as the little sister of a glass wall, but they simply cannot match the benefits a moving glass wall provides, such as:

Moving glass walls can be customized to suit the layout of your room. They can fold up into walls, slide to open and close, and even retract into the wall completely.

Make Your Home Feel Larger:
A wall of windows—particularly one that slides open—makes a small space feel and appear larger. Sliding glass doors or other small doors can sometimes have the opposite effect.

Elegant Style:
Put simply, moving glass walls look expensive and they give your home a distinct look that sets your home apart.

Gathering Space:
A sliding glass door provides a portal to your outdoor space. A moving glass wall turns the outdoor and indoor spaces into one large area, providing a beautiful area to gather with friends and family.

Luxury Within Reach

A moving glass wall is an investment, but it’s one that adds value to your home and elevates the experience of living there.

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Since 2012, The Window Authority of Houston has transformed ordinary rooms into luxurious spaces with expertly installed moving glass walls. Our factory-trained professionals deliver beautiful results for this home update.