Timber framing transitioning into a fully remodeled kitchen

Kitchens are no longer just food preparation spaces. Instead, they are the hub of the home—the place you go to cook, eat, gather, and entertain.

Because you spend so much time in your kitchen, you want the space to look beautiful. If you are looking to update your kitchen to fit today’s trends, you will want to consider sleek, simple designs, inspiration from nature, splashes of color, and smart, technology-assisted innovations. Below are nine trends in kitchen design and decor that we will see over and over again in the months and years to come:

1.) Subtle Lighting

The lighting in your kitchen does more than just help you see. It also sets a tone and provides ambiance. Right now, people are opting for more subtle, understated lighting over eye-catching pendant lights or chandeliers. Under-cabinet lighting and beautiful wall sconces fit this trend perfectly.

2.) More Green

The current color trend is moving toward green. From earthy sage to bold emerald, green is being added to kitchen cabinets, accent walls, and even countertops.

3.) Contrasting Textures

Varying textures within your kitchen can make your space more visually interesting. You can do this by adding a bold, textured backsplash to contrast with smooth, glossy countertops or by selecting distressed cabinets, rustic tile, and a variety of different materials throughout your kitchen.

4.) Bright Colors for Cabinets

Besides green, the other color trend of the moment is bright hues. Don’t be surprised if you encounter bright yellows, blues, corals, pinks, and of course, blindingly bright whites in kitchens this year.

5.) Under-Cabinet Microwaves

Clutter-free spaces are in and one of the ways people are achieving this minimalist look is by installing under-cabinet microwaves, which save counter space and add functionality to your kitchen.

6.) Decorative Range Hoods

When you think of kitchen design, your range hood probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. A range hood used to be purely functional, but now offers an opportunity for you to express your style. The options for sprucing up your range hood are endless. You can play with texture by incorporating wood paneling or sleek metal, add paint, or even incorporate eye-catching tile.

7.) Sleek Storage Solutions

People are opting to conceal their storage behind cabinets, butler’s pantries, and integrated systems like pull-out shelving to get that modern, simple, and stylish look that is all the rage right now.

8.) Smart Appliances

Technology has changed most aspects of our lives over the past couple of decades and it is altering the way we design our kitchens as well. There is a trend towards cutting-edge appliances like smart refrigerators, automatic lighting systems, and voice-controlled coffee machines.

9.) Outdoor Kitchens

Adding an outdoor kitchen is another trend that is rapidly gaining popularity. More and more homeowners are incorporating fully functional outdoor kitchens complete with wet bars, stone pizza ovens, and griddles to make entertaining more convenient and more fun. If you are considering an outdoor kitchen, the design and installation experts at The Window Authority of Houston can help with your custom project.

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